2XL ATV OffRoad For iPhone & iPod is finally out!

Great news everyone!
2XL is finally available on the app store for iPhone and iPod Touch, just look for “” in the search function of the app store and you’ll find the game right away.

Here’s a few screenshots from the game in action:

  • jhon smith

    It’s one of the addictive game I have ever played.
    I have been playing this game for 1 year. Whenever I play this game I feel like the graphics are so
    real and I would to thank the developer for making such a super game. 🙂

  • Hence the word “Video Games”…also remember this is running on a *cell phone* and not an XBOX360 or PS3!

  • Hence the word “Video Games”…also remember this is running on a *cell phone* and not an XBOX360 or PS3!

  • This game looks pretty cool, but the graphics seem pretty lame. I’m more into games that look very realistic. I like feeling like you’re actually there, feeling the jumps, all that. Games like this just feel like games to me.

  • Your technology is so terrific!
    I know an online store which has a lot of XX in this style, they are suit you very much,can reveal your personality better!
    Go to have alook when some time left, there must be many surprises!,

  • This I am sure that gamer will realy like! Especially ones who also love ATV. The graphic itsel really cool and it's kind like brig the person into real environtment. Can be NFS for ATV.

  • Yes the iPhone is an amazing piece of technology, and I absolutely love mine! You're right, there's nothing the iPhone can't do…yet hahaha
    2XL Games also created 3 other games for the iPhone which you can check out by clicking the links below:

    2XL Supercross: http://www.2xlgames.com/#2xl-supercross-iphone-
    2XL X-Games Snocross: http://www.2xlgames.com/#x-games-snocross-1e88a0
    2XL Fleet Defense: http://www.2xlgames.com/#2xl-fleet-defense-1e8888

    We're also 1 week away from releasing a new racing game, called “Trophy Lite” which looks better then anything we've done so far, here's a link to a preview video:

    Throphy Lite Rally: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HQ3VCFgrPO0

  • OMG iPhones have everything! I have yet to find something that an iPhone CAN’T do! I have yet to purchase an iPhone but can’t wait to switch companies and get one. That will be a day worth celebrating. I’ll get this for sure!

  • Okay, this is definitely something I’m going to have to get. I am completely and utterly obsessed with my iPhone, as I’m sure many of you reading this probably are as well. The games are just insane for the iPhone and I can’t imagine having anything else!