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Best crashes video of the 2009 MX season

I was browsing my Facebook inbox message and came across this awesome video of all the best crashes from the 2009 Motocross Nationals season…Enjoy!

2XL ATV OffRoad For iPhone & iPod is finally out!

Great news everyone!
2XL ATV OffRoad is finally available on the app store for iPhone and iPod Touch, just look for “2xl games” in the search function of the app store and you’ll find the game right away.

Here’s a few screenshots from the game in action:

New iphone game delayed

2xl atv freestyle

2XL ATV OffRoad for iPhone has been delayed

It’s been almost 1 month now since we submitted our new game, “2XL ATV OffRoad”, to Apple for revision, and things didn’t go as smoothly as the submition process for our previous iPhone game, “2XL Supercross”, which got approved in just over 1 week.

I’m sure that Apple is drowning under the amount of apps they must recieve and review every week, and that’s probably why our new offroad game isn’t availble in the app store yet. 2 weeks after we submitted a final build of “2XL ATV OffRoad” to apple, we heard back from them and they had rejected the game for a new multiplayer feature we put in. I won’t get into it because I don’t want to get in trouble (the reason why they rejected the app is really…weird).

We fixed the issue right away and re-submitted the game back to apple on the same day. This happened almost 2 weeks ago now, and we’re hopping Apple will approve it this time…
Apparently, you don’t get back at the front of the line when you re-submit a game, and I sure hope Apple won’t reject the game again for another reason (although I would think they did tell us everything we needed to fix the first time around?!).

I am really excited for 2XL ATV OffRoad to come out, I think lots of people will be very pleased with the improvements we made to the graphics, gameplay and amount of content! So cross your fingers and keep checking the app store every other day looking for the game, hopefully it will be available soon.

2XL Games Releases First Trailer of “ATV OffRoad” for iPhone

***UPDATE*** The game should have been available on the app store last week but we had some minor set backs with apple. The issues have been fixed and we are now waiting for apple to review the game again, and hopefully put it up for sale this week. I also added a new video to this post, check them out!

2XL Games, the creators of the very successful “2XL Supercross” app for iPhone and iPod Touch, just released a brand new trailer of their new upcoming game, “2XL ATV OffRoad”, on the same platforms.

If you liked 2XL Supercross then you will love 2XL ATV OffRoad! It’s bigger, faster, has impressive graphics and gameplay, and finally tons of TRICKS!!! You’ll be racing on Motocross National tracks, Supercross courses and big Free-ride areas, add Multiplayer to the mix and you’ve got an awesome off-road racing game in the palm of your hands.

2XL ATV OffRoad Trailer

Battle against addiction

I received an e-mail recently from a 23 years old man that almost brought tears to my eyes, mostly because it brought back very bad memories for me, and secondly because I know how hard the road ahead for this young man is and I can’t help but wonder if he’s gonna make it or not…

I know this sounds horrible, but I’m speaking from experience, because I almost didn’t make it myself. I am so thankful today that I had great friends and family around me who loved me enough to stick around and help me the best they could during my journey through hell, and I pray that this person is as lucky as I was. Continue reading to find out what this person wrote me