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How to relax before a race and have more energy


Everyone gets anxious and nervous before a race, even the fastest riders in the world, and if you don’t, it probably means you don’t give a rat’s a$$ about racing and you should look for something new to do on the weekends…

Stress is a funny thing, it can really drain all your energy, and before you know, you’re already tired just sitting on the starting line! If you can learn how to control your anxiety better and not let it get to you during the race weekend, you’ll have much more energy on and off the bike.

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The privateer’s life in Supercross racing


Supercross racing is hard, it’s very hard. It is both physically and mentally difficult, and you need a good bike to go fast, you need a factory bike, a bike that will keep you on top of a whoops section and not drop your front wheel in between 2 whoops, a bike that won’t bog on the face of a gnarly triple or half way through a rhythm section, you need a bike with suspensions that won’t throw you over the bars when coming up short on a steep landing. In Motocross, you can get away with it, but not in Supercross. Most people will never ride a race-like Supercross track in their life, so they will never truly appreciate how hard it can be. I am writing this because I want to mention privateer riders that race Supercross. I was lucky enough to ride for a great team (Honda of Troy, which became Yamaha of Troy in 1999) during my first year racing the US circuit back in 1997, so I myself cannot truly appreciate how much work it is for them and what they have to go through each race, but I have a good idea and wanted to share it with you.

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