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Shift faster without using your clutch

Most beginners use their clutch to shift gears on a dirt bike, what they don’t know is that they don’t have to use it and will actually shift faster without it.

This quick tip explains how to do it and what to do in the event the bike won’t shift.

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Quick Tip: Ride with 1 finger on the clutch and front brake

A mistake I see many beginner-intermediate riders make is gripping both handlebar grips with all 5 fingers and only grabbing the brake or clutch when needed.

The problem with this is that you loose control of your bike during that transition from grips to clutch/front brake lever, and if you’re doing it while riding through braking bumps, you have a high chance of loosing control of your bike or having your hand slip of the grips.

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Quick Tip: Use your rear brake to stabilize your bike

Your rear brake can be your best friend in many situations, not just when you want to slow down or quickly rotate your bike.

In this article, I talk about the different ways you can use your dirt bike’s rear brake and the advantages to using it in many places other then braking areas.

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How can you blitz a whoops section like a pro

Welcome to my third writeup on riding tips! For this new article, I chose to talk about the infamous Whoops Section! Just hearing these 2 words together makes most people tremble in fear (ok I’m overdoing it…or am I?). For those of you who don’t know what “blitzing” means, it’s basically when you keep both your front and rear wheels from dropping in-between 2 whoops and stay on top of the valleys all the way through. Correctly blitzing a whoops section is one of the toughest thing you can do on a dirt bike – of course it also depends on the size and steepness of the whoops in question – much harder then jumping a big triple or going through a rhythm section.

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How to relax before a race and have more energy

Everyone gets anxious and nervous before a race, even the fastest riders in the world, and if you don’t, it probably means you don’t give a rat’s a$$ about racing and you should look for something new to do on the weekends…

Stress is a funny thing, it can really drain all your energy, and before you know, you’re already tired just sitting on the starting line! If you can learn how to control your anxiety better and not let it get to you during the race weekend, you’ll have much more energy on and off the bike.

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