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Comment dribbler une série de whoops comme les pros?

Ricky is smaller then most riders, so he has to lean back a little farther, but notice how he's keeping his shoulders in the center of the bike and his arms halfway bent.

Pour le 3eme article dans la serie “Conseils de Pilotage”, j’ai choisi de parler des infâme series de whoops! Juste entendre ces 2 mots ensemble fais trembler de peur la plupart des gens (ok j’exagère un peut … ou peut-être pas?).

Personnellement, j’aime les bonnes séries de whoops – mais seulement lors d’une session sur le terrain d’entrainement le week-end, pas lors d’une course – J’e les prenais vraiment vite sur le terrain d’entraînement, mais arrivé le jour de la course, c’est une autre histoire…

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How can you blitz a whoops section like a pro

In this photo, you can clearly see how James keeps his body neutral on the bike, which gives him much more control

Welcome to my third writeup on riding tips! For this new article, I chose to talk about the infamous Whoops Section! Just hearing these 2 words together makes most people tremble in fear (ok I’m overdoing it…or am I?). For those of you who don’t know what “blitzing” means, it’s basically when you keep both your front and rear wheels from dropping in-between 2 whoops and stay on top of the valleys all the way through. Correctly blitzing a whoops section is one of the toughest thing you can do on a dirt bike – of course it also depends on the size and steepness of the whoops in question – much harder then jumping a big triple or going through a rhythm section.

Want to know the secret to blitzing whoops like a pro? Keep reading to find out...